Service Area

Key intellectual property services we provide to protect and manage your patents, trade marks, designs, and other IP rights within Korea and throughout the world include:

■ Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks and Designs, Preparation, Filing and Prosecution of Applications for Registration, Trademark Registration Renewals in Korea and overseas countries;

■ Preparation of infringement and validity opinions;

■ Litigation including Oppositions, Trials, Infringement Suits and Appeals before the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal (KIPT) or the Courts;

■ Licensing: Patents, Trademarks, Know-How, Technology Transfer, Franchising;

■ Registration of Mask Works, Copyrights and Computer Software;

■ Domestic Administration of Registered Rights for Foreign Registrants;

■ Annuity Servicing;

■ Searching including patentability and trademark registrability;

■ Watch and Monitoring Services